Religion and Identity in Modern Russia : The Revival of Orthodoxy and Islam
by Marietta Stepaniants and Juliet Johnson
English | 2016 by Routledge | ISBN: 1138259055 | 164 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

Focusing on the roles of Russian Orthodoxy and Islam in constituting, challenging and changing national and ethnic identities in Russia, this study takes Tsarist and Soviet legacies into account, paying special attention to the evolution of the relationship between religious teachings and political institutions through the late 19th and 20th centuries. The volume explicitly discusses and compares the role of Russia's two major religions, Orthodoxy and Islam, in forging identity in the modern era and brings an innovative blend of sociological, historical, linguistic and geographic scholarship to the problem of post-Soviet Russian identity. This comprehensive volume is suitable for courses on post-Soviet politics, Russian studies, religion and political culture.

' this wide-ranging volume should be of keen interest to those working on the political dimensions of Russian Orthodoxy and Islam in post-Communist Russia and on their mutual interrelationship.' - Slavonic and East European Review

'This is a timely volume on the role of religion in contemporary Russia the volume presents a useful contribution to the ongoing debate on the role of religion and nationalism in transitional societies.' - Europe-Asia Studies