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Multiframe CONNECT Edition V21 Update 11 | 479.6 mb

The MAXSURF product team is pleased to announce the availability of Multiframe CONNECT Edition V21 Update 11 (version Multiframe helps structural experts check the structure of their vessel to comply with class requirements and optimise it for strength and weight. It can be used for deck grillage, frame, superstructure and mast strength calculations.

CONNECT Edition: Multiframe V21.11.00 ReadMe - 15 November 2017

Changes: All Modules
Bug fixes and minor changes
- 759349: A function LicenseLevel has been added to all the application COM automation interfaces. This function returns a string corresponding to the license which is in use.
Changes: Multiframe
Bug fixes and minor changes from 21.10.00 to 21.11.00
- 775679: Offset at node 2 of a member not displayed correctly in Data Window if no offset at node 1; this is now fixed.
- 755031: Rendered view only changes rendering in current active window (Frame or Load) but not both; this is now fixed.
- 745841: Multiframe Advanced: All Design Codes are now available again.
- 745362: AISC2005/2010 Flat bars not supported for torsion check has been fixed.
- 743590: Multiframe Japanese now defaults to SI units.
- 741703: Unable to create design members due to the error message - "Design Members must be made up of a single line of connected elements".
- 741696: Some members were omitted when creating a design member from a list of selected members; this is now fixed.

For the full list of new and improved features, please refer to the release notes located in the folder of your Multiframe CONNECT Edition V21 Update 11.

Note: Note that this version 21.11 will replace versions 21.10 and 21.02 if already installed on your computer. Side-by-side installation of versions 21.11 and 21.10 or 21.02 is not possible.

About Multiframe. Multiframe provides linear and non-linear analysis, static and dynamic options and buckling calculations. These analysis options are complemented by a full range of analysis-related modeling tools like master-slave, prescribed displacements, springs, thermal effects, offset members, additional masses and much more. Other modules allow you to draw section shapes and install them in the sections library and perform design checks for a range of design codes. Multiframe Automation allows you to prepare design calculations in Excel and link them directly with your Multiframe model. An ever expanding range of design add-ons also allows you to simplify steel code checking and optimization

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Product: Multiframe
Version: CONNECT Edition V21 Update 11 (version
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even and above
Size: 479.6 mb

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