Louis Ge, Boming Tang, We Hong Wei, "Soils and Rock Instrumentation, Behavior, and Modeling"
2009 | pages: 120 | ISBN: 0784410461 | PDF | 8,6 mb

The papers in this Geotechnical Special Publication were presented at the GeoHunan International Conference: Challenges and Recent Advances in Pavement Technologies and Transportation Geotechnics, which took place in Changsha, Hunan, China from August 3 to 6, 2009. These peer-reviewed papers are from the session of Soils and Rock Instrumentation, Behavior and Modeling. Hunan, one of the largest commercial provinces in China, is rapidly developing into a modern epicenter of international finance and trade. Recent construction in many parts of China has provided geotechnical engineers with great opportunities for creating cutting-edge solutions to problems involving foundations, ground improvement, slopes, excavations, and tunnels. This proceedings will be valuable to engineers and professionals involved in many aspects of geotechnical engineering. Ranking: Moderate.