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  1. Reclaiming Basque Language, Nation, and Cultural Activism
  2. Real Resumes for Social Work and Counseling Jobs
  3. Real Estate Presentations That Make Millions
  4. Real Essays for College and Grad School
  5. Reactive Programming with Swift 4
  6. Ray Schalk A Baseball Biography
  7. Race, Place, and Environmental Justice After Hurricane Katrina
  8. Queer International Relations Sovereignty, Sexuality and the Will to Knowledge
  9. Quantum Computing Devices Principles, Designs, and Analysis
  10. Quantitative Finance For Dummies
  11. Quantitative Biological and Clinical Mass Spectrometry A Primer
  12. Python for Offensive PenTest
  13. Python Testing with pytest Simple, Rapid, Effective, and Scalable
  14. Python Programming A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners
  15. Pussycats Why the Rest Keeps Beating the West
  16. Pumpkin Roll
  17. Publish or Perish Perceived Benefits versus Unintended Consequences
  18. Psychology of Music From Sound to Significance, Second Edition
  19. Protecting the American Homeland One Year On
  20. Propaganda in the Helping Professions
  21. Process, Action, and Experience
  22. Problems and New Solutions in the Boolean Domain
  23. Principles of Geotechnical Engineering, 9th Edition
  24. Precision Molecular Pathology of Liver Cancer
  25. Preaching Re-Imagined The Role of the Sermon in Communities of Faith
  26. Prague Noir (Akashic Noir)
  27. Practical Project Management Tips, Tactics, and Tools
  28. Practical Management of Dementia A Multi-Professional Approach (2nd Edition)
  29. Practical Guide to Single-Use Technology Design and Implementation
  30. Powerline Ampacity System Theory, Modeling and Applications
  31. Poverty and Power The Problem of Structural Inequality
  32. Posthuman Blackness and the Black Female Imagination
  33. Post-Western World How Emerging Powers Are Remaking Global Order
  34. Portraits of Old Russia Imagined Lives of Ordinary People, 1300-1745
  35. Polymer Gels and Networks
  36. Politics Of The Mind Marxism and Mental Distress
  37. Pocket Oxford American Dictionary, 2nd edition
  38. Plug In with onOne Software A Photographer's Guide to Vision and Creative Expression
  39. Playboys and Mayfair Men
  40. Pierre Boulez and the Piano A Study in Style and Technique
  41. Picture Yourself Networking Your Home or Small Office
  42. Physics on All Fours
  43. Peyote History, Tradition, Politics, and Conservation
  44. Persuasion The Subtle Art of Getting What You Want
  45. Perspectives on African Witchcraft
  46. Personal Training Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition
  47. Personal Finance and Investments A Behavioural Finance Perspective
  48. Personal Digital Security Protecting Yourself from Online Crime
  49. Persistent Toxic Substance Monitoring Nanoelectrochemical Methods
  50. Permafrost Foundations State of the Practice
  51. Performing History Theatrical Representations of the Past in
  52. Perfecting Your English Pronunciation, 2nd Edition
  53. Perceptions of the Body and Sacred Space in Late Antiquity and Byzantium
  54. Pediatric Obesity Etiology, Pathogenesis and Treatment, 2nd Edition
  55. Peacebuilding and Friction Global and Local Encounters in Post Conflict-Societies
  56. Patterns of Culture
  57. Passenger Car Tires and Wheels Development - Manufacturing - Application
  58. Parasites and Pets A Veterinary Nursing Guide
  59. Painting the Bible Representation and Belief in Mid-Victorian Britain
  60. PMP Project Management Professional Exam Review Guide, 4th Edition
  61. Overcoming Prejudice
  62. Outline Your Novel (Writer to Author) (Volume 3)
  63. Organic Waste Management Strategies, Environmental Impact and Emerging Regulations
  64. Optional Monetary Policy Under Uncertainty
  65. Ocean The World's Last Wilderness Revealed
  66. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder For Dummies
  67. Object-Role Modeling Fundamentals A Practical Guide to Data Modeling with ORM
  68. OSS Commando Final Option
  69. Numinous Machines
  70. North Korea The Paranoid Peninsula A Modern History, Second Edition
  71. Night Sky Explore Nature with Fun Facts and Activities
  72. News as Entertainment The Rise of Global Infotainment
  73. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation The International Handbook
  74. Network Security Attacks and Countermeasures
  75. Neruda The Poet's Calling
  76. Natural Hazards Explanation and Integration, Second Edition
  77. Narratology Introduction to the Theory of Narrative, Fourth Edition
  78. Nanotechnology Delivering on the Promise, Volume 1
  79. Nanoparticles in Life Sciences and Biomedicine
  80. NIV Renew Bible Refresh Your Heart, Soul and Mind
  81. Music-in-Action Selected Essays in Sonic Ecology
  82. Music, Structure, Thought Selected Essays
  83. Multimodal Transport Systems
  84. Multicultural Education Issues and Perspectives (9th Edition)
  85. Moral Theory at the Movies An Introduction to Ethics
  86. Moon Yellowstone & Grand Teton Including Jackson Hole
  87. Moon Acadia National Park (Travel Guide), 6th Edition
  88. Modeling Companion for Software Practitioners
  89. Model Rules of Professional Conduct, 2018 Edition
  90. Microtrends Squared The New Small Forces Driving the Big Disruptions Today
  91. Microsoft Unity Succinctly
  92. Microbrewing Science, 2nd Edition
  93. Mergers and Productivity
  94. Melanie Klein The Basics
  95. Meditation and Hypnosis
  96. Medina in Birmingham, Najaf in Brent Inside British Islam
  97. Medicinal and Aromatic Crops Production, Phytochemistry, and Utilization
  98. Measuring Political Risk Risks to Foreign Investment
  99. Measurement and Statistics for Teachers
  100. Meanings of Maple An Ethnography of Sugaring
  101. Meaning Of Wilderness Essential Articles and Speeches
  102. Matplotlib for Python Developers
  103. Mathematical Paradigms of Climate Science
  104. Masterpieces of Classic Greek Drama
  105. Mastering Spring Cloud
  106. Masquerading Politics Kinship, Gender, and Ethnicity in a Yoruba Town
  107. Martyr of the American Revolution The Execution of Isaac Hayne, South Carolinian
  108. Managing to Change the World The Nonprofit Manager's Guide to Getting Results
  109. Managing Your Boss in a Week Teach Yourself
  110. Managing Women Disciplining Labor in Modern Japan
  111. Managing Up How to Move up, Win at Work, and Succeed with Any Type of Boss
  112. Managing Technologies in Developing Countries Open Source vs Commercial Options
  113. Managing Portfolio Credit Risk in Banks
  114. Making Sense of Risk Management A Workbook for Primary Care (2nd Edition)
  115. Maintenance, Monitoring, Safety, Risk and Resilience of Bridges and Bridge Networks
  116. Made in India Decolonizations, Queer Sexualities, Transnational Projects
  117. MATLAB Succinctly
  118. Low Impact Development
  119. Long Strange Journey On Modern Zen, Zen Art, and Other Predicaments
  120. Long Awaited West Eastern Europe Since 1944
  121. Lonely Planet Singapore
  122. Living with Ambiguity Religious Naturalism and the Menace of Evil
  123. Live the Let-Go Life Breaking Free from Stress, Worry, and Anxiety
  124. Literary Theory An Anthology
  125. Liberating Service Learning and the Rest of Higher Education Civic Engagement
  126. Lenses on Reading An Introduction to Theories and Models
  127. Leningrad 1941 - 42 Morality in a City Under Siege
  128. Learn Docker - Fundamentals of Docker 18.x
  129. Lean Accounting Best Practices for Sustainable Integration
  130. Leading With Meaning Using Covenantal Leadership to Build a Better Organization
  131. Leadership Succeeding in the Private, Public, and Not-for-profit Sectors
  132. Law and Religious Minorities in Medieval Societies Between Theory and Praxis
  133. LIFE Queen Elizabeth at 90 The Story of Britain's Longest Reigning Monarch
  134. Krav Maga for Beginners A Step-by-Step Guide
  135. Kitchen Doctor Low Carbohydrate Cooking for Health
  136. Kentucky Weather
  137. Kangaroo Dreaming An Australian Wildlife Odyssey
  138. Kaiser Wilhelm II Germany's Last Emperor
  139. Jobs Aren't Enough Toward a New Economic Mobility for Low-Income Families
  140. Jihad in Paradise Islam and Politics in Southeast Asia
  141. Jesus as Guru The Image of Christ Among Hindus and Christians in India.
  142. Java 9 Dependency Injection Write loosely coupled code with Spring 5 and Guice
  143. Jackie Robinson
  144. JBoss Seam Simplicity and Power Beyond Java EE
  145. Ivanoff
  146. Iterative Dynamic Programming
  147. Italy From Revolution to Republic, 1700 to the Present, 4th Edition
  148. Islam, Postmodernism and Other Futures A Ziauddin Sardar Reader
  149. Islam and the Rule of Justice Image and Reality in Muslim Law and Culture
  150. Invented Knowledge False History, Fake Science and Pseudo-religions
  151. Invasive Aquatic And Wetland Plants
  152. Interpretation and Method Empirical Research Methods and the Interpretive Turn
  153. Internetworking Technology An Engineering Perspective
  154. Interference How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football
  155. Intercessory Prayer and the Monastic Ideal in the Time of the Carolingian Reforms
  156. Integrated Pest Management in Tropical Regions
  157. Insurgents, Terrorists, and Militias The Warriors of Contemporary Combat
  158. Inhabited Spaces Anglo-Saxon Constructions of Place
  159. Infrared Antennas and Resonant Structures
  160. Indigenous Knowledge Enhancing its Contribution to Natural Resources Management
  161. Indian Ocean Studies Cultural, Social, and Political Perspectives
  162. India The Emerging Giant
  163. Inadvertent Images A History of Photographic Apparitions
  164. Improving Business Performance A Project Portfolio Management Approach
  165. Immigration and Integration The Irish in Wales 1798-1922
  166. Hydraulics in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Fifth Edition
  167. Hydraulic Fluids A Guide to Selection, Test Methods, and Use
  168. Hummingbirds A Life-size Guide to Every Species
  169. Human Rights and Sustainability Moral responsibilities for the future
  170. Housing the Future Alternative Approaches for Tomorrow
  171. Homeric Questions
  172. History of Japan
  173. Historics Why History Dominates Contemporary Society
  174. Hiroshima in America A Half Century of Denial
  175. Hillary Rising The politics, persona and policies of a new American dynasty
  176. Hidden History of Civil War Savannah
  177. Herder's Political Thought A Study on Language, Culture and Community
  178. Heraldry, Pageantry and Social Display in Medieval England
  179. Hedge Hunters Hedge Fund Masters on the Rewards, the Risk, and the Reckoning
  180. Heaven's Purge Purgatory in Late Antiquity
  181. Heart of the Original Originality, Creativity, Individuality
  182. Health Science Research A Handbook of Quantitative Methods
  183. Hands-On Automated Machine Learning
  184. Handbook of Research on Healthcare Administration and Management
  185. Handbook of Pest Management in Organic Farming
  186. Handbook of Nutrition in Heart Health
  187. Handbook of Neurosurgery (8th Edition)
  188. Handbook of Mindfulness Culture, Context, and Social Engagement
  189. Handbook of General Surgical Emergencies
  190. Handbook of Defence Electronics and Optronics Fundamentals, Technologies and Systems
  191. Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development
  192. Handbook for the Architectural Manager
  193. Half - Lion How P.V Narasimha Rao Transformed India
  194. Hal Moore on Leadership Winning when Outgunned and Outmanned
  195. HCI Remixed Reflections on Works That Have Influenced the HCI Community
  196. Guiding Principles for the Nation's Critical Infrastructure
  197. Growing Apart America and Europe in the 21st Century
  198. Grouchy's Waterloo The Battles of Ligny and Wavre
  199. Green Sisters A Spiritual Ecology
  200. Graphic Design for Architects A Manual for Visual Communication
  201. Grand Illusion The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 911
  202. Grammar in Everyday Talk Building Responsive Actions
  203. Governing Habits Treating Alcoholism in the Post-Soviet Clinic
  204. Governance, Compliance and Supervision in the Capital Markets
  205. Governance by Indicators Global Power through Classification and Rankings
  206. Goodbye East End An Evacuee's Story
  207. Good Wives
  208. Good Reasoning Matters! A Constructive Approach to Critical Thinking
  209. Good Green Homes Creating Better Homes for a Healthier Planet
  210. Golf Course Irrigation Environmental Design and Management Practices
  211. Golem Modern Wars and Their Monsters
  212. Global Sport Sponsorship
  213. Global Perspectives on Language Education Policies
  214. Global Learning in the 21st Century
  215. Geotechnical Aspects of Pavement Engineering
  216. Geographic Information Science Mastering the Legal Issues
  217. Genocide and the Global Village
  218. Game On! Gamification, Gameful Design, and the Rise of the Gamer Educator
  219. GPU Pro 360 Guide to Rendering
  220. Fuzzy Control Systems Design, Analysis and Performance Evaluation
  221. Frommer's Bermuda 2009
  222. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Formation of the Modern World
  223. Francois Laruelle's Principles of Non-Philosophy A Critical Introduction and Guide
  224. Formal Studies in Slovenian Syntax In honor of Janez Oresnik
  225. Foretastes of Heaven in Lutheran Church Music Tradition
  226. Food for Life Delicious & Healthy Comfort Food from My Table to Yours!
  227. Food and Drink in Ireland
  228. Food Science and Technology, Second Edition
  229. Food & Wine Annual Cookbook 2018 An Entire Year of Cooking
  230. Folklore of Sussex
  231. Flash's Song How One Small Dog Turned into One Big Miracle
  232. Fixed Effects Regression Methods for Longitudinal Data Using SAS
  233. Finding Them Gone Visiting China's Poets of the Past
  234. Financial Forecasting and Decision Making
  235. Fifty-One Key Feminist Thinkers (Routledge Key Guides)
  236. Fertility Holidays IVF Tourism and the Reproduction of Whiteness
  237. Fernando Ortiz on Music Selected Writing on Afro-Cuban Culture
  238. Feature Writing A Practical Introduction
  239. Feature Engineering for Machine Learning
  240. Fathering at Risk
  241. Fake Silk The Lethal History of Viscose Rayon
  242. Faith and Feminism in Pakistan Religious Agency or Secular Autonomy
  243. Fair Trade and Organic Agriculture A Winning Combination
  244. Facing Death Images, Insights, and Interventions
  245. FIA Foundations of Accountant in Business FAB (ACCA F1) Practice and Revision Kit
  246. Eyelid and Periorbital Surgery, 2nd Edition
  247. Extremophiles From Biology to Biotechnology
  248. Ext JS 3.0 Cookbook
  249. Explosive Boiling of Superheated Cryogenic Liquids
  250. Exploring Old Testament Wisdom Literature And Themes